Helping Children Return to School After an Extended Absence

Returning to school after an extended hospital stay or other illness-related absence can be stressful for children, particularly if they have just received a new medical diagnosis. Children’s Mercy Hospital of Kansas City offers parents tips on helping ease a child’s transition back into the classroom.

Maintain Communication

Parents should remain in communication with school officials about their child’s condition and absences, as well as discussing these issues with the child. Let the school know if the child needs any special medication or other accommodations once they have returned to school.

Encourage Routine

With all the other changes happening, helping your child maintain a normal daily routine can help ease anxiety. Set certain times for homework and bedtime, and stick to those times every day when possible.

Develop a Coping Plan

Talk to your child about returning to school and any fears or concerns he might have. Together, work to develop coping ideas for situations that might come up, such as explaining an illness to curious classmates.

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