Screening Children for Behavioral and Emotional Problems

The American Academy of Pediatrics has released new guidelines on screening children for behavioral and emotional problems. The new guidelines include steps for pediatricians to follow to implement a screening system in their office. This system can help better diagnose symptoms and provide appropriate referrals for additional treatment.

To learn more about the updated screening guidelines, visit NEJM Journal Watch.

Signs of a Spoiled Child – Podcast

As parents we want our children to be happy. In our efforts to please our young kids, we often overindulge them or give in to their constant demands.

How do you know if your behavior is spoiling your child, and how can this behavior affect them throughout their lives?

Parents Savers talks with child development and behavior specialist Nancy Cohen on how to recognize when you are spoiling your children and what you can do to correct their behavior.

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Diabetes Management in Childcare Settings

According to the 2014 National Diabetes Statistics Report, published by the American Diabetes Association (ADA), approximately 208,000 people in the United States under the age of 20 have been diagnosed with diabetes.

Daily management of diabetes is complex, especially for children in school and other childcare settings. Diabetes management requires attention to eating, activity, and monitoring insulin delivery and glucose levels.

Learn more about tackling the challenges of diabetes management in childcare settings.

Children Benefit from Full-Day Preschool Experience

Children who attended preschool for a full day were better prepared for kindergarten than children who only attended the same program for a half day according to a new study from the University of Minnesota.

The study followed 1,000 children in 11 public schools in Chicago. “We found that if you increase learning and instruction time within a high-quality program, you can dramatically increase school readiness,” says study co-author Arthur Reynolds.

Learn more about the study and its findings.

Children and Type 2 Diabetes – ParentSavers Podcast

Type 2 Diabetes is on the rise in young children. So, how do you prevent this condition commonly referred to as the “silent killer”? What are the common risk factors associated with it and what are some subtle symptoms to look for in your children? Parent Savers has some great tips to help keep the whole family safe.

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