The Great Katie Kate is the first book series designed to help kids and families understand their condition and overcome their fears.

The Great Katie Kate

Some people might call Katie Kate a super hero, but really, she just likes to help kids like her overcome their fears.

This heartwarming and educational series is the first designed specifically to help kids and families understand their serious medical conditions and overcome their fears. This allows parents and medical professionals to set young patients on the road to understanding. Katie Kate teaches kids that when they have worries, the best thing to do is to ask questions so things won’t seem so scary.

When the Great Katie Kate comes to the rescue, there is nothing to fear. The Worry Wombat will indeed disappear!

The Great Katie Kate covers a wide range of health topics, including explaining epilepsy to children, children’s books about cancer, kids’ books on diabetes, and children’s books on asthma.

Children’s Books in The Great Katie Kate series include:


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