When Santa and Baby Santa get together, nothing can get in the way of making sure that every boy and girl has a very merry Christmas!

Baby Santa and the Gift of Giving

Baby Santa is back for another Christmas outing — this time to the Big Apple!

It’s just a few days before Christmas Day when a letter arrives at the bustling North Pole. It’s from the Bond family, and they have a question for Santa: How can they share the spirit of giving on their upcoming trip to New York City?

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What a great idea! And just like that, Baby Santa is off, with the reindeer and a couple of elves in tow, to give the Bond family the answer–in person. He hosts them on a day of helping others in New York. Along the way, they find time for the amazing sights of Christmastime in the city!

I received the book on Saturday and it has been a hit in my house. My daughter loved the book so much and it came at the perfect time, now with Christmas approaching I have read this every night since Saturday.

Thank you for the book. I’m a new mom and I’m always searching for nice things for my daughter to read.

-Kim Silva, Baby Santa Giveaway Contest Winner



Baby Santa and the Gift of Giving is a Mom’s Choice Awards Gold award winner. Learn more.