The Great Katie Kate is the first book series designed to help kids and families understand their condition and overcome their fears.

The Great Katie Kate Explains Epilepsy


Explaining Epilepsy to Children

The first kid’s book designed specifically to help young epilepsy patients understand their condition and overcome their fears.

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When Jimmy is diagnosed with epilepsy, he starts to worry. What is happening to my body? Am I ok? Does this mean I m different from other kids?

Jimmy and the other young patients in the neurologist’s office get a visit from the Great Katie Kate, a spunky redheaded superhero who appears when kids get worried. Katie Kate takes the children on a medical adventure to learn about the various forms of epileptic seizures and treatments. Along the way, they meet the Worry Wombat, a creature that appears when worries loom large. As Jimmy and his new friends to ask questions about their condition and its triggers, they make the Worry Wombat disappear!

Epilepsy can be a frightening and confusing disease, especially for children. Not only is the disease difficult to understand, but the process of visiting the neurologist and taking EEGs, MRIs, and blood tests can also be scary for young children as they first learn about their epilepsy.

This superhero saga provides an entertaining and indispensable tool for parents and medical professionals explaining epilepsy to children who are seeking a positive way to help young patients understand their condition and deal with their fears. As a well-respected physician who specializes in the treatment of women and children, the author presents challenging medical concepts in clear, accurate, and understandable prose.

This is the fourth book in the Great Katie Kate series, helping young children with serious illnesses understand their condition and live with confidence.

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