Take trips around town and to Broadway with Bambina and Mama Bee and catch the buzz of Busy Bees!

Busy Bees on Broadway

BB-BroadwayJump onstage and catch the buzz of Busy Bees on Broadway

When Grandma Bee bursts into song, Bambina Bee becomes curious. Why do Bees sing? Why do they dance?

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To answer these questions, the two embark on an artistic adventure to discover the magic of Bee Broadway. Dancer Bees move gracefully across the floor. Soloist Bees express themselves in song. Acrobat Bees spin through the air, while Comedian Bees make everyone laugh. All of the Broadway Bees use their special talents to entertain and inspire audiences by expressing the emotions they hold deep in their hearts.

The second in the acclaimed Busy Bee book series, Busy Bees on Broadway delivers a timeless story with contemporary flair. A breezy text brings stage presentations to life in an exciting way, allowing children to appreciate the many different aspects of the world of theater and performance.

With engaging four-color illustrations by the award-winning Lyn Martin, everyone will start to smile when the curtain goes up on Busy Bees on Broadway.