Let your mind wander through this whimsical story and ask yourself—what would you catch?

Take trips around town and to Broadway with Bambina and Mama Bee and catch the buzz of Busy Bees!

When Santa and Baby Santa get together, nothing can get in the way of making sure that every boy and girl has a very merry Christmas!

The Great Katie Kate is the first book series designed to help kids and families understand their condition and overcome their fears.



The Great Katie Kate

Titles include:

  • The Great Katie Kate Tackles Questions About Cancer
  • The Great Katie Kate Discusses Diabetes
  • The Great Katie Kate to the Rescue: The Tale of the Superkid with Asthma

Fishing for Flowers


Busy Bees

Titles include:

  • Busy Bees at Work and Play
  • Bees on Broadway

Baby Santa

Titles include:

  • Baby Santa
  • Baby Santa: A Worldwide Christmas Adventure